Estaban Tomas "theMoment" feat. Rosa Amor (Music Video)

And now to my most recent project, dropped just this past Independence Day (July 4 2012), the music video for Estaban Tomas's "theMoment" featuring his lovely wife, Rosa Amor, on the hook. I'm all for supporting family especially if it's dope and inspirational. That's what I get from these two. They're a dynamic duo in their own right and are definitely set on making waves. Trust, there will be more collabs between us. If I were still DMV local, I would already have filmed their individual EPK's. I also want to get both of them one some of my beats. I need the exposure... LOL. But for now, the cinematic and heartfelt, iTunes-available single and hopefully with some good push from new fans and a plethora of good-music-loving blogs and Web-sites, I present to you...

Estaban Tomas "theMoment" feat Rosa Amor [Music Video]:

Web: http://www.estabantomas.com
Twitter: @estabantomas
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EstabanTomas/226566227377248
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J.Nolan "Sharpen the Sword" (Music Video)

Ok, so here's the music video that I directed, shot and edited for ATL via Connecticut MC, J.Nolan (http://jnolaniscool.bandcamp.com). Filmed in various parts of the 5 Points section of East Atlanta, home to WRFG 89.3 (local NPR-affiliate station and home to the Beats N Lyrics show with JayForce and The Show with Ms. Dia) and a popular hotspot for budding artists/musicians and fellow music-lovers. I had a lot of fun shooting this video and editing it, all in support of this young artist and sharing his music to the masses.

Check out J.Nolan's "Sharpen the Sword" music video:

You can download the Chaos Theory LP that "Sharpen the Sword" is featured on by visiting his Bandcamp. Mind you, the LP dropped in 2011 so he's got more recent stuff. I'm hoping to hook up with him again on another vid real soon. Dude is talented...

Ok, I'm back...

Yeah, it's been a long time... again. I have seriously overlooked and undervalued the use of this blog as an outlet for all of the creative stuff I partake in on a regular basis. Aside from my usual Twitter and Facebook rants and some random Google+ appearances, I need to focus more on sharing basically. I usually do it all on the aforementioned but that doesn't really get me anywhere. It's a regular struggle isn't it; just like keeping your attention focused on beats and working on new songs when you've got other pressing responsibilities. But some people manage to do it and do it well so I just need to figure out how to work it myself.

So, how about updating this blog with my newest contribution, not only to the DC music video scene but also to my portfolio as a videographer and director. Last video I believe that I posted on this blog that I actually had something to do with was for Ryan Lucas. I may have posted J. Nolan's video but you know what, I don't think I ever did. I think I MENTIONED it but didn't post it. We recorded the footage for J.Nolan's video in the summer of 2011 but I didn't release the video until early 2012. Yeah, I need to get better at dragging my feet on dope stuff, cuz it was a dope song and a dope video. For Estaban Tomas, I stepped up my creative game.

So, what I'm gonna do is keep it chronological... you know about the Ryan Lucas vid from earlier. That's my Subwoofer Science fam (http://subwooferscience.bandcamp.com). Not sure of the status of the group since we basically disbanded when I moved back to ATL. It hurt for a little while but I guess it was necessary; we grow from pain... but I also went up to DC to be part of Ryan's video shoot for "Get Away" (featuring me on the hook) so all is not lost. All of us are soul brothers and we got each other's back which is most important. We all supported on each others projects; Boom's Bullets Over Romance EP, Ryan's album and vid and when I eventually do something, I hope they'll support me as well. I got some things in the works but typical me, I'm taking forever to finish it. When it's done, it's done I guess... not like anyone's really sweating it, so neither am I, LOL.

So to bring things current, I'll post the J.Nolan vid for "Sharpen the Sword" followed by Estaban Tomas's "theMoment" where I feel like I completely outdid myself; not that I don't have much room for improvement cuz I do. I'm just saying, the joint's bomb. I was inspired. If I could do that more often, I'd be... well, the bomb, LOL. So, as my Gra'ma says: "Anywho..." stay up.

Oh yeah, keep Incite Media Works (http://www.incitemediaworks.com) in mind. Incite Media Works is my media company that I'm partnering with my wife in. Will fill y'all in the details about that later on. For now, just follow the URL.



Man, I gotta do a better job keeping this blog updated... so many things to maintain: family, job, Web sites, Web sites at work I actually get paid for, beats, occasionally lyrics when inspired... ugh! Time management, something I've always lacked skills in; will have to make a point of getting better at this.

On the upside, Jason "KnowMassive" Atkins, who has hooked me up with Azilee Lareuse at OnTheRise Magazine for an interview as a part of his 1/1000 Music roster. Nothing really in the works at this moment but that day will soon come. KnowMassive used to live in the Atlanta area and made a name for himself in the local indie hip hop scene back in '04 with Creative Loafing making high remarks about his album at the time. Truly on some other stuff, I appreciate his grind and am thankful for the opportunity and exposure. If anything, would be a great opportunity to work with a dope MC and overall good fella.

Check the interview out here: http://www.ontherisemagazine.com/2011/10/24/zyrus-campbell-soulful-mature-inspired-emcee

We released the Ryan Lucas video to the intro to his debut album, "A Letter from the Chief Musician" back in September. I hope he has another video in the works but if not, it's not like he's not constantly busy either performing or collaborating with other talented people. He's also partnered with some guys to start an inspirational T-shirt line called PIO (Power In One) Clothing (http://www.pioclothing.com). The man is gettin' it!! Go Lucas!!

Visit his Web site to keep up with him: http://www.ryanlucasmusic.com. Check out the album intro video here:

Boom88 ain't sitting around, neither... Following the release of the Bullets Over Romance "Jukin" EP, cuz is still developing on his passion for blues music and experimenting with ways to incorporate it with modern-day hip-hop/urban themed music. He's got some dope stuff coming down the pike, most definitely. I hope he laces me with some bluesy, smash joint that I can get lyrical on. I've been through his library; he's got some dope samples in the vault. C'mon cuz... LOL.

Other than that, I've been working on a couple more videos recently, namely for local ATL MC, J. Nolan for a song off his recent album "Chaos Theory". Dude's got bars for days... originally from Connecticut, he's been down here in ATL these past few years networking, trying to focus mainly on making music and getting his name out. I offered my video services to him and he suggested doing a video for the song, "Sharpen the Sword"; no concept, just lyrical wizardry at its best... still got some edits to do but I think it's gonna turn out well.

Then on deck is another cuz of mine, Roger Rudder aka Estaban Tomas, who has returned to the mic after a nice hiatus. A fellow Web Developer, MC and Producer, check his Web site out at http://www.estabantomas.com. You can check his music out on Bandcamp as well. The song that we decided to do a video for is "TheMoment" featuring his lovely wife Rosa Amore' on the beautifully sang hook (http://estabantomas.bandcamp.com/track/themoment). I kinda went crazy playing around with the camera's slo-mo features but I think it's gonna turn out well. If it don't, I'll just fly back up to DC and shoot another one with them cuz the song is dope; not trying to mess that one up...

And it's funny cuz I'm not really trying to get into videography big-time. I've always just had ideas about how videos could be done. I didn't capitalize on that when I was still in DC and things were really sailing with my group, so all of this is just a means for me to stay productive and creative. It's all about networking and having fun, basically. I'm not trying to be the next Hype Williams or Spike Lee. I'm just a creative guy looking for various outlets. Ha, I was on Soundcloud at work earlier today thumbing through my favorites, envisioning how I would do videos for some of those songs if I were given the chance. I've approached a couple of those artists, nobody's really taken me up yet, probably because of my lack of experience and unwillingness to really dive into video FX. Some of my favorite videos don't have any... they just look really high-quality, intimate and personal (and that's not for R&B videos). With me, it's all about capturing the moment...

Eh, I could see myself doing some short films eventually; maybe even some action sequences, but I'd def need help in doing that. Some of that stuff in the theaters has gotten too cliche', too modeled and systematic. Like no one wants to take a slightly different angle on how it might happen, you know? Who knows? Only time will tell...

I hurdled my writing block a little bit and wrote some lyrics to my instrumental, "HighlightOfLife" (http://soundcloud.com/audibleintegrity/highlite-of-life). My crew didn't want to jump on it and I know it's a dope 2-step/hand-dance song which they're not really into like I am, so I'm a just have to curry it... LOL. I need a new solo anyway... been too long. And I hope to maybe do a video for it as well. THAT would be real dope...

But anyway, will keep y'all posted...



Co$$, "Spaceman" music video

My man, Jeff Johnson put me on to West coast MC, Co$$... well, actually he didn't. I can't really remember how far back I've seen his name or heard his material but I know the standout project (IMO) that he was featured on was the Cook Classics mixtape, "The New Classics" (link featured on Vimby.com: http://nahright.com/news/2009/02/18/vimby-x-uponthingz-x-cook-classics-the-new-classics-mixtape-stream/).

I met Jeff on Facebook after commenting on a post by local radio personality Ms. Dia (WRFG 89.3) after a Boog Brown show here in Atlanta last fall. We been chatting back and forth about music ever since. Turns out he actually manages Co$$ and is a dope MC/producer, himself... ALSO used to live not far from where I grew up in MD. I almost begged him to manage me (as a producer) and Subwoofer Science but I figured I and my crew just need to grow more into ourselves. When the opportunity arises and the right person comes along to support our movement, then we'll get a manager.

Anywho... so Co$$ has been doing his thing for a while now; someone at LA Times thought very highly of him, he's worked with Blu (for those into underground hip hop lyricists, I don't have to say anything...) and a slew of dope LA-based producers, to name a few. He's got a few projects under his belt and is due to release a solo album titled, "Before I Awoke" this summer. Recently, in preparation for the album release, he dropped the "Sleepwalking" mixtape just to give people a taste of what to expect; dope lyrics, jazzy yet hard yet undeniably West Coast production yet not so gangsta that underground heads won't like yet not so underground that ppl that cater to the more commercial sound can't nod their head to, either. That's quite a call, right there but Co$$ manages to pull it off well. Definitely looking forward to "Before I Awoke" when it drops. Oh, and did I mention that someone at About.com named it as one of their Top 10 hip hop releases? That's definitely worth mentioning.

At any rate, to promote the new mixtape and add to the exposure/push that Co$$ is aiming at, he released the video for "Spaceman". Check it out:

Download Co$$'s, "Sleepwalking" mixtape: